Welcome to the Alternaverse

What if Joyleaf had been chief?
What if Cutter had been born a girl?
What if elves kissed?
What if Timmain wore clothes?

NEW November 8th - A super-sized biography is up - The Tragedy of Pool and Melati.

Welcome to the EQ Alternaverse: the most twisted, dreamberry-laden, worldpool tale. Let Swift, Blood of Ten Chiefs be your guide, as you explore the World of Two Moons flipped on its head. The Way has gone missing, the Now is ancient history, and the corpse of Bearclaw is rolling over in its grave.

Survivor: Elfquest
Remember Survivor when led the pack in Reality TV? Remember when it became so contrived and hackneyed a monkey with a typewriter could predict the ending? Flash back to the heady days of the early aughts with Cutter and his crew.
The Ghost Town Novels
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The Ghost Town series features vampires, mysteries and romance in the old West. Plus the lead has his own wolf-friend! You can't lose.